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Why Medium subscription is irresistible.

Is Medium membership worth it?

Medium has a truckload of no BS* tricks. You just need to know where to dig.

First, let me brief you about the benefits of reading

  1. Reading saves you from getting extinct
  2. Increases intelligence
  3. Makes you empathetic
  4. Boosts your brain power
  5. Assist you to take your next move in life
  6. Keeps your brain healthy
  7. Improves…

Don’t remain a wantrepreneur — Get clarity and start now

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Thoughts are very cunning. They seduce you to romanticize more with them. But they make no real sense in the actual world unless you materialize them.

1 — Write down what you want to become to bring clarity.

2 — Prioritize 3 ideas

3 — Start Small

4 — Start…

You can follow this routine and create your own successful lifestyle

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Spend your time like you used to spend while at college/office.

Yes, hustle for 8 hours/day doing something to appraise your value — Learn a skill, do gigs, get a side hustle.

There are 5 habits that you need to follow —

1 — Bring discipline to life

2 — Learn a skill and apply it

3 — Keep a work-life balance even when you don't have a job

4 — Hunt opportunities through social media, print media, phone-a-friend, cold emails.

5 — Follow daily rituals like fitness, diet, mental health, time with family and friends

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Aniket Saraf

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