Clarity First-An Essential Advice For A Wantrepreneur

15 mindset shifts you need to make.

Aniket Saraf


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The first step — Know your whys

Ideas are everywhere

What holds people back?

Clarity First

Personal musings

15 Steps to Change your Mindset

Know your Whys

The first step is, as Simon Sinek says — Start With Why.

Why do you want to become an entrepreneur and not something else?

Why is this important?

Most of my friends want a job. They have an employee mindset. They will intern for free. I told one of them that working as an intern for free takes up your time. He replied, “Well, I will get an experience certificate.”

I stopped that conversation.

If you have an entrepreneurial mindset, only then you should think about entrepreneurship.

The journey is long. So, start immediately.

Fasten your mind belts. The next step is to scratch your head.

Ideas Are Everywhere

Even I have them in dozens. But will someone buy it? Of course, no one will.

I have many friends who are innate confident. They want to startup, but they cannot. They procrastinate their venture for tomorrow. Decide to start somehow; anyhow.

“Once you set off on a mission, the realization that your days are numbered will haunt you each time when you do not work on your mission.”

The average life of humans is 60 years. I am 25. If I keep worrying, I will end up in the business of worrying.

Thinking is not enough.

Nobody claps for your ideas unless they have material value to others.

Thinkers think and doers do. But until the thinkers do and the doers think, progress will be just another word in the already overburdened vocabulary by sense.”

Francois de La Rochefoucauld

What Holds People Back?



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