Nudge These 9 Bullies That Harm Your Productivity

Dead simple ways to get productive by default with systems.

Aniket Saraf


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Staying productive is not easy.

You prepare to get productive. You plan for the week, but within two days, you get overwhelmed. And you give up. Why does sticking to a simple routine becomes hard? Well, because you have not built the necessary systems.

Distractions are your enemy. Systems are the moat that reinforces your mind and helps protect your time.

Here are 9 types of distractions and dead simple ways to get off with them.

1. Mood triggers

“Discipline is doing what needs to be done even if you don’t want to do it.”

The mood is a notorious kid that never obeys orders and craves guilty pleasures. Why can’t you remain disciplined? Because you are habitual to short-term pleasures.

You will be productive when your purpose will weigh more than your temporary cravings. For that, you need to know what exactly you want to accomplish.

Get clarity. Decide one thing. Attend it and witness getting better at managing your mood.

Eat while you eat.

Drink while you drink.

Think while you think.

Sleep while you sleep.

Work while you work

A daily journal and a meditation session will bring back clarity and focus in your life.


Meditation →Focus

Well, life never gets easy. Once you get clarity, two more time-eating monsters will haunt you. But you are nowhere stopping.

2. Overthinking and daydreaming

Living in the past or the future is a worthless endeavor.

Unfortunately, most people program themselves to think a lot, even I am. Let’s assume you are expecting a fruitful date! With the thought of a reward, you start dreaming about all the mischief.

Now think of a gruesome problem you are facing. You repeat the same cassette in your mind. This exhausts you.



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