Don’t Like Reading? Stuck in Life? Get Out and Make New Friends

Aniket Shashikant Saraf
3 min readJan 10
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Do you know people who don’t change after years?

Well, that’s because they get stuck in the loop where they play the same cassette daily for months and years. They live in hibernation. They die every night and are born again to repeat the sequence the next day — like in Tom Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow.

Are you one of them?

Most employees live this kind of — hello world — life.

Wake up > catch a transport > sit in the cubicle > turn on the screen > take orders > suck your brain cells > get exhausted > go home > say the same things > watch the same news channels > play the same positions > sleep the same side > wake up. REPEAT…

Dude, where is newness? Is this why you are alive?

Here are steps to rethink life:

Change your morning routine. Wake up early and go for a run. This little step is what I call Taking Small Risks.

Taking small risks can help you get out of your comfort zone. Because that’s where almost all your problems lie.

Now, don’t limit yourself to just taking fitness risks.

Risks can be intellectual, emotional, social, and political. Here are a few examples for you to try:

  • Intellectual: Solve a next-door problem.
  • Social: Instead of wearing big headphones, talk to a stranger.
  • Emotional: Share what you feel about a person.
  • Internet: Create content. DM your thought leader through cold messages.
  • Habit: Read books from diverse industries, journal your thoughts and start writing your story.

What will happen when you take such small risks?

You will make weak ties.

Weak ties are the door to new opportunities, says Mark Granovetter in his book The Strength of Weak Ties.

What does that mean?

Take my example — How I started writing on Medium?

In college, I started a learning club — Each person has to come up with a topic they are better at and explain that to the club members. The…

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