I Was Innocent Yet I Approved Myself Guilty.

An incident that taught me Integrity, determination, and righteousness

Aniket Saraf


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“He’s an idiot.” My bench partner commented. His voice didn’t reach beyond my ears.

“You should not say such ill to our teacher, that’s immoral,” I may complain. I was kidding.

I always respect teachers, but I was not to utter a word out about such small mischief to anyone. I forgot the talk.

The next day the teacher called me outside the class. My bench partner was standing in front of him. Along with him were 3–4 boys.

I was perplexed.

The teacher questioned me whether I called him an idiot.

I was shocked. “I never said such a word. Instead, it was the bench partner who said so,” I replied.

I was true to my words. But the plot was already built by my bench partner. He brought along with him his friends, who pretended to witness my spell. The teacher was forced to accept the plotted truth with the majority on the side of the bench partner.

We were in 5th grade. How miserable some kids can go at such a young age, I thought.

The teacher repetitively urged me to confess. Time runs faster on such occasions. The next class was already begun. I was frightened about whether I will get a slap on my face.

I was resistant for a long time. Then I broke up. I was an alone victim. With a despaired voice, I kept off my dignity to myself and accepted that I spelled the words. I felt embarrassed. I thought I had no option, and I wanted to save the longing moment.

It was a small incident that had a lasting impact on me.

I learned never to falter back if I am right even when I am alone. I learned something about integrity and the power of togetherness from my bench partner; though sarcastically.

Integrity is doing the right things even when no one is watching — C.S Lewis

Days went by, and things were forgotten. But even now, I remember the undeserving guilt that got passed onto me.

Words have power.



Aniket Saraf

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