Make Twitter Your Micro-University

Think of Twitter(X) as a FREE learning platform that makes you wiser within hours

Aniket Saraf


A book with a cover resembling Twitter generated with an AI tool called Adobe Firefly
Adobe Firefly Image

X(formerly Twitter) is as meaningless as its current name.

Imagine you are going through a pleasant day, and a point of time comes when you get impulsive to open the X app. Your neatly organized empty screen is now filled with hundreds of notifications and content to be watched.

You start scrolling and see one news after another. You come across violence, hate, war, and personal opinions that are not even worth 2 cents. Everything is getting bombarded to you to agitate your mental peace. You still scroll. Abruptly, you come across a mind-blowing tweet. You read it. You read a few more. You like a few of them and save some before you press exit. After some time, you come back and repeat the pattern.

The same happens the next day. So on and so forth. Time wasted — Zero value.

But wait.

Can there be something else why people come to Twitter so often?

Why are you coming?

Is it the news? Is it to read fancy quotes? Or is it something of value that you do not know?

Here is the answer: They come to get answers to big problems in a short time. They think those answers will solve their problems. That’s not going to happen. Platforms don’t solve problems but agitate other problems.

Platforms are meant to make humans addicted to a pattern.

No. We will not get into the addiction part. There are lengthy articles like this, this, and this to teach you about that.

But humans are not dumb to keep going in a loop without reason. There is something that they get, and so they keep coming back.

If there is nothing that you can do to cut out this habit of using social media, replace that habit with something else.

Use social media not for doomscrolling but for learning.

We want to learn ways to channel our use of social platforms for our benefit.

Let’s consider Twitter.

Twitter’s advantage lies in its micro insights. Twitter has a character limit…



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