Medium Is A Goldmine You Just Need To Know Where To Dig

Why Medium subscription is irresistible.

Aniket Saraf
3 min readNov 16, 2021

Is Medium membership worth it?

Medium has a truckload of no BS* tricks. You just need to know where to dig.

First, let me brief you about the benefits of reading

  1. Reading saves you from getting extinct
  2. Increases intelligence
  3. Makes you empathetic
  4. Boosts your brain power
  5. Assist you to take your next move in life
  6. Keeps your brain healthy
  7. Improves your vocabulary and communication skills
  8. Gives you a perspective and makes you stand out from the crowd

These benefits are enough to compel someone who carries 1.5 kg of intelligence and still struggles with the hardships of life.

If you are a good reader, there is no limit to opportunities in this world.

But how to find them?

Look for gazillions of websites or get a Medium membership.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours finding the best strategies to earn bundles of money, improve my personality, seduce my dopamine, find nirvana, and get enlightened! Everything was OK with me, but then in 2019, I came across Medium.

At first, I was ignorant. I thought it is just an ordinary website where many bloggers/writers write articles to earn money.

Medium is more than ordinary. It is a how-to platform.

Initially, I used to read 2 free articles per month. Who would pay $50 per year just to read something that you can get for free elsewhere? I thought it wasn’t worth it.

Medium, however, lured me to write. So I started writing Self-Help articles.

The next month, I again read 2 popular articles. I was still a freebie. This time, I discovered a trick! I subscribed to one of the free newsletters… lol. Now, each week, I received free articles from that top writer in my inbox — Smart²

In the next month, I discovered another trick, most top writers have their websites. I used to look for top articles on the Medium home page and then go to their (top writers’) webpages to read them for free! — I thought myself a smartass — smart³!

Not long after, then I realized I was a dumbo.

I was bartering time and efforts in return for freeloading.

Thankfully, I gave up that attitude.

I stopped bookmarking stories, I stopped hedging, I kept my smartass brain aside and took a subscription for a month.

It was the wisest decision I ever made.

Here Are The Whys

Medium is a blog aggregator.

Top bloggers, top writers, and experts who’ve spent hours reading, experimenting, writing and learning a particular skill literally dump (adverb pun intended)their pieces of advice here on Medium.

Imagine how much time you can save if you

  • Read from an entrepreneur on — How to Become a Millionaire.
  • Read from a bodybuilder on — How to grow skinny bones into pythons!
  • Read from a coach on — How to seduce your Ex and get her irresistible about you.
  • Read from a happiness practitioner about — How to stay happy for the whole life.
  • Read from the economist — Where the economy is heading.
  • Read from an expert blogger about — How to write compelling articles.
  • Read from tech enthusiasts about — What is the next breakthrough.
  • Read from a top investor about — Where to bury your savings to reap perpetual returns.
  • Read from the psychologist on — How to become a charming personality.
  • Bla Bla Bla.

And uh..hmm …one more —

  • Read from the experts about — How to stay longer in bed.

Medium is a place where all the top bloggers re-post their top blogs so that you don’t need to discover each of them individually.

This saves your time, effort, energy to discover, learn, and apply the tricks about the new world order. You learn an assortment of etiquette for success in one place.

If you hedge your time for money, you will always remain short of time.

If you are irresistible to read these articles, get your ticket to success — Right here!



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