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Aniket’s Insights

You Are The Market. If you are unable to take care of yourself, businesses will, and it comes with a cost [Unmetered]


  • A Must-Have Book In Your Success Closet. Your attitude is your window to the world.
  • This Is Why You Should Befriend History Books. History teaches you. You learn not to repeat the mistakes.[Unmetered]



Beginners Guide To Entrepreneurship

  • What I Learnt Being A Baby Entrepreneur. Start small, and yes, no one is stealing your ideas from you
  • 6 Lessons To Aspiring Entrepreneurs. If you really want to begin your entrepreneurial journey this year (or maybe now)
  • Don’t remain a wantrepreneur — Get clarity and start now
  • Clarity First-An Essential Advice For A Wantrepreneur. 15 mindset shifts you need to make.

Health: How I recovered from IBS

Minimalism and Sustainability

Check my publication: Below Greed Lines

Productivity and Efficiency

People And Relationships


  • Overthinking Moves You Away From Your Dreams. Here’s what you can do to stop Over-Thinking.
  • Have You Lost Your Adjustment Potential? The root cause why you remain unsatisfied for most of your life [Unmetered]
  • Eudaimonia In Everyday Life! What according to you is a good life?
  • Don’t Regret Your Harsh Childhood. Be thankful. Now, you are forged to succeed [Unmetered]
  • Your Problems Are Your Opportunities. Adversities give you perspective
  • There Is Something Wrong With Work-Life Balance. It should be work-play balance instead
  • You Are Not Living A Balanced Life If You Are Missing Any Of These. Think life in these 8 aspects
  • How To Build Self-Esteem. Tested methods to get out of the lows of self-esteem right now
  • The One Habit That Helped Me Get Back My Self-Esteem. Journaling is not rocket science
  • How Your Choice Shapes Your Destiny. What motivates you to not watch porn
  • 5 Principles You Can Follow To Spend a Better Time Till You Get Employed Again. If you are a fresher or jobless, here’s how to look at the bright side
  • How To Upgrade Your Life From Now. Call it the Law of Attraction, call it karma [Unmetered]
  • If You (Really)Want Success. Stop injecting motivation
  • The Rich Despise Pirates. Stop Being One
  • How Scenario Analysis Can Help You to make better decisions about what you want from life
  • Don’t Read Self-Help Books
  • If Happiness Was A Commodity, It Would Be Diamonds.
  • 1 Powerful Habit That Can Make You Successful. Digest the habit of learning for the whole life or get obsolete
  • 3 Practical Ways To Decondition Yourself And Live A Sexy Life
  • Leave The Comfort Zone To Stay Healthy For Ages


On Writing

Why You Should Not Remain Just Another Writer. A single source of income can be fatal, that’s why being a writer alone is not enough.

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