Reading? Is That A Thing?

Read this if you don’t know why you should read

Aniket Shashikant Saraf
4 min readMar 29


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Most people don’t read.

They are stuck in a mental cage, conditioned by mediocre surroundings. They survive to breed and serve. Being stuck in a loop of repetitive patterns is not the way to live a life. True happiness comes from solving challenges.

The more challenges the person solves, the happier he becomes. And life is a powerhouse of challenges. You solve one and the next one soon pops up.

Think of reading as a map for the treasure hunt. It’s a tool to navigate life using the existing available hacks. Think — I came out of a chronic ailment with the help of reading. I discovered a career path unknown to me earlier.

Reading can solve almost any problem — How? Reading makes you a thinker. Life becomes simpler for those who think.

Here’s how reading helps:

1. Reading as fodder

Think of the word Fuck. Many people often use this word in everyday communication. Something happens and they are like — fuck.

They don’t have enough vocabulary to come up with different words! This is not a trait of a noble/highly revered person.

You transact with ideas.

Ideas are vehicles of change. The more robust you structure them, the farther they go. Good communicators come up with novel ideas. Most people think they have in-depth knowledge and understanding of a particular subject — No, not that they have better knowledge but average people have little awareness of the world of communication. And that’s why most people live mediocre lives. It is only through reading a person can increase awareness. Comprehension improves with thinking.

Reading makes you a better communicator and an idea seller.

2. Make you an independent thinker

An independent thinker is someone who comes up with his own reasoning about WHY THINGS ARE AS THEY ARE.

Independent thinkers are curious to dig deep and find out the root cause of any problem. They are inquirers. They are explorers. This trait helps them navigate the way through life without or with little…



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