The Hidden Potential of LinkedIn

40+ ways to purposefully en cash opportunities

Aniket Saraf


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Not many people know the hidden potential of LinkedIn. They think LinkedIn is a job search site — So uneducated.

Before I started creating content full time, even I thought LinkedIn to be a barren piece of land. Then one rainy day, I came across a top writer who showed me the goldmine I was sleeping on.

From that day, even I couldn’t stop joining the gold rush.

Let me tell you what extraordinary people do with LinkedIn.

Each professional perceives LinkedIn differently

  • LinkedIn is a professional networking site for solopreneurs like content creators, writers, storytellers, freelancers, painters, graphic designers, etc.
  • LinkedIn is a personal branding platform for founders, VCs, and would be influencers.
  • LinkedIn is a lead generation site for businesses and freelancers.
  • LinkedIn is a search engine for job seekers.

In essence, you can use LinkedIn for —

  • Networking
  • Increase sales
  • Generate leads
  • Get good at writing
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Increase your credibility

Now, that’s not everything. We have just scratched the surface. Let’s dig deeper.

Tangible Benefits of Using LinkedIn

To reach 90, you need to target 100.

I was unable to think why people are spending so much time on LinkedIn. I thought LinkedIn’s premium features are too expensive. No one would subscribe to them, ever. But after learning the platform’s potential, I started getting second thoughts. Now, I am premium.

I will reveal all the benefits I came up with. But I want you to use your brain power. Take aside 10 minutes and write down on paper how you could use LinkedIn. Come up with the most comprehensive ways of using this powerful platform.

Scroll down only after you’re done.



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