When Medicines fail

Article 2 of the IBS series. My medical tourism and experience with IBS.

Aniket Saraf


Imagine that you woke up and went for your morning routine. Unfortunately, you had an unsuccessful attempt to clear your stomach. Howsoever you try, you felt heavy and uncomfortable. You feel that urge to visit the washroom again and again, just like how a person deals with loose motions. It’s fine for a day or two, but what if you have to live with this condition for your entire life?

How It Began

It happened one day, I experienced motions along with an upset stomach. Such conditions are common. I have already dealt with them in my life. They last for a couple of days. I was fine within two days.

Small things go unnoticed.

A few days later, I again experienced an upset stomach. Like the pandemic, it slowly became a part of my life. I ignored the issue. I thought I will be fine within a week or two. Nothing as such happened.

I didn’t notice any difference in my routine until I realized that I have developed a habit of visiting the washroom 5 times a day. It was serious trouble.

I was in my college years. You know what college life feels like — lectures, practicals, friends, etc. I used to control my urge. I would happily hide my internal pressure till the end of college hours. I would finally feel relieved once I reach home. Most of my days went on thinking and worrying about the issue. I would get anxious, I would feel low self-esteem. I could not even focus on any of the things. Because even after I visited the pot, I still felt uncomfortable. I never felt my stomach empty.

Many a time, I would visit the pot but could not make it. After a long waiting time, I would realize that it was just an urge and nothing real shit!

I believe in evolution. I know that the human body is resilient. So, I thought that my body will come back to normal within another couple of weeks. So, I always tried to fulfill my urge by visiting the pot. I would sit for more than 10 minutes to finish the process. Even after a long duration of sitting, my stomach didn’t feel relaxed. I always felt occupied with some burden. I had no option but to continue my daily activities with this overburden.

How long it would last was beyond hope. I was losing interest in everything. My focus was just to get out of this trouble as soon as…



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