Don’t Just Run Behind Money, or You Will Create an Ego Bubble

Read a lot because that’s how you will be ego-safe and sane


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If you are a busy guy who has no time to do anything else than work, then you are wasting your life.

Yes, you might be earning tons of money (or struggling) but you have no juice. Because even when you can explore the ocean, you have enclosed yourself in a shell.

Here’s how a typical human is living his life:

You will have a job, a partner, and a child. You are passing off days. And somewhere you feel life is mundane. The routine has taken charge. You are stuck in the 9–5 cycle. Your life is encircling around your company, your family, and a few small talks here and there.

You are a near-dead human with limited exposure to the colors of life.

How to come out of deadliness?

Move out.

You have friends who come up with the same five topics, your relatives will greet you on the same five seasons, and your peers will invite you to the same five occasions.

How the hell will you explore the possibilities of life?

Who will be your beacon?

You need something to question your realities. You need someone who will help you Think Again about the bigger picture.

You need to read books.

Reading is the vaccine for your mundane-life virus.

I have hit rock bottom in life five times and have come out only because of reading. All new insights I get are from reading a variety of materials, ranging from books, magazines, newsletters, and print.

  • Reading is the antidote to loneliness
  • Reading is relief from life’s adversities
  • Reading is a way to learn new possibilities

But Don’t Get Overwhelmed

Sure, reading will make you smart. But there is no end to reading, and sometimes that feeling can make you feel saturated.

How the hell can one read all the available stuff?



Aniket Shashikant Saraf

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