You Are Just 3 Books Away From Any Solution

A non-reader suffers while a reader adapts.

Aniket Saraf


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Life can be harsh.

People struggle — traumas, health, food, money, lifestyle. That’s part of life.

You might have faced difficulties. My question is, how did you come out of those difficulties? Was it through experimentation, trial & error, or something else?

Did you also read?

What if you get a few of the best books on your problematic topics and start reading them?

The thing is, you are not the only person facing the problem… right? Our ancestors and even contemporaries might have something to help you solve your difficulties. Thankfully, the Internet has a 99.69% chance of getting the information you are looking for!

For every problem I have faced in my life, I have found literature of some kind available on the web.

And if you cannot find the solution, ask questions on the internet — Quora has many generous writers. Reddit hosts like-minded communities.

Why Read Only 3 Books And Not 9 3/4

Reading one book is not enough. We might get biased. The more perspectives you get better your solution will emerge.

Three books are sufficient to become an expert in a particular subject matter. This way, you get a holistic view of the topic. You also get a choice to work out the most convenient path to solve your problem.

Reading more than three books will give you more choices, and the more options you have, the more confused your decision-making.

Always remember — Suffering is a choice.



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