How To Get A Worthy Deal

Even if you are a beginner

Aniket Saraf


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What do you do to earn $$$ from your first client?

It was my first deal. The client persuaded me with her emotional story, and I became sympathetic.

I gave my services for free. And now, I think I made a terrible mistake…

I earned $ NIL with the deal.

The Beginning Is The Toughest Phase

The initial phase of starting a business is intriguing. You don’t know how much to charge, you are not confident, you are under-skilled.

More or less, you are a gullible baby entrepreneur.

Anyone can persuade you to work for them without paying you a penny.

They can trick you by telling how miserable their times with money is, and you might feel that you need to help them with whatever force you can. And, as a generous human, you don’t charge them for your services.

It’s great to offer help if someone is coming to you. But you cannot give free consultation forever. You need a strategy to handle such situations.

I chalked down following things:

Be Friendly

Have a casual talk. Ask their whereabouts. Ask their pain-points.

Don’t Speak Much About Yourself

Don’t tell your story. Else you will be judged.

Don’t Speak That You’ll Offer Things For Free

If you tell that you’ll do your work for free, they will of course wish for free — That’s human.

Here Is The Golden Egg

Once the conversation moves ahead over text after you close the phone call, use digital medium to make things clear.

Ask them to fill a questionnaire form.

As a professional, you need to know what your client’s requirements and expectation are. The form will make things clear. It will also make you a credible person. Moreover, both, you and your client, will add accountability in the deal in which both of you are entering.



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