Your Problems Are Big Markets

Opportunists feed on idiosyncrasies of human idiocy.

If you are in depression, stress, you should change the way you work and think. Instead, humans buy anti-depressant tablets, indulge in alcohol, eat sleeping pills, and whatnot.

You make way for new businesses!

Stress can be solved with an attitude and mindset shift. Unfortunately, humans are not using their innate potential to improve their mental condition. Let alone they will become happy.

New businesses emerge to twitch these timid creatures! Look at these —

The above article is about products that give smart-tech solutions to mental problems.

But then, what’s the use of the Sapien evolution? Are our brains incapacitated? Are they becoming unreliable?

Humans choose to solve effects than solving the root cause.

Root Cause leads to → Problems or Consequences or Effects→ Humans tend to solve effects (and not the cause).

This keeps humans revolving around the problem without getting out of the root cause. This gives rise to a perpetual business opportunity.

There are so many businesses in every sector flourishing in this way.

Ex. Solar panels are used to satisfy energy demands. The life of these panels is 25 years, after which they are waste. Instead, what could’ve been done is reduce the demand for electricity by limiting individual energy use.

In this age of abundance, if you only understand one thing, that is, you can save yourself and the world by limiting your desires and temporary gratifications, you will live a happy life, and society will have more room to flourish.

Temporary personal solutions die with an individual but stay with society. These solutions are potential markets for opportunists to serve the idiosyncrasies of human idiocy.

I pray to God to give humans sanity.

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